About Me

Hi I’m Olivia, a 30-something blogger and this is my lifestyle blog, Liv a Little!

I used to have a blog previous to this but over time it just didn’t fit who I am so here I am now, back with another blog on WordPress!
I’m from Merseyside in North West England and I love it. I love living by the sea and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis which is predominately a lung disease and all that it comes with such as Diabetes and Osteoporosis.
I try not to let it stop me doing what I want in life and try life my life to the fullest.

“I have CF but it doesn’t have me!”

Some things I love:
DOGS, animals, beach walks, the seaside, cruise ships and cruise holidays, staying in hotels, being with my boyfriend, sunshine, warm weather, spring time, summer, tulips, daffodils, flowers, charity shops, bargains, goodnight texts, Gavin and Stacey, shopping, eating out, Jaffa cakes, getting my nails done, sunrises, 90s and 00’s dance music, breathing deeply, yoga, the gym, road trips