Things I Love Sunday – Week 6

I’m back!!
I’ve had a rubbish couple of weeks so wanted a bit of time away to build myself up. Things are not great, primarily because of this friggin’ Coronavirus but I missed blogging and now that I’ve chosen to isolate myself I have much more time to dedicate to it.
It feels like we’re at the beginning of a film all this isolating and government warnings every day doesn’t it?!

This Week I’m Loving…

1. Ardell’s Self-Adhesive lashes
I recently was gifted these gorgeous lashes from and I really am loving them. They’re not too full on to wear in the daytime and just make my eyes stand out better. So glad I was sent them!
Read my review of them along with other lashes I was sent HERE.
There’s also 20% off Ardell lashes on this week when you spend over £20 with this promo code – ARDELL2020

2. Grey’s Anatomy
I’d stopped watching Grey’s quite a while ago now but this week I got right back into it. I’m up to season 15 but Amazon Prime dont have Season 15 and up so I don’t know where to watch them 😦

3. Easter Eggs.
Maaaaaaaate, I couldn’t wait ’til Easter Sunday and I’ve eaten TWO easter eggs this week! TWO! Good job I need a high calorie diet because of my Cystic Fibrosis.

4. The return of The Antiques Roadshow on BBC1
I know, I’m OLD but it just wouldn’t be Sunday without The Antiques Roadshow. It’s tradition!
I find it so comforting hearing the theme tune come on the tv and it really just gives me cosy vibes.

5. My Tommy Hilfiger bargain!
I found this little babe in my local Sue Ryder charity shop and it was just £10. Cant wait to wear it!

daffodils in a vase on a  brown wooden table

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and week ahead!

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