Trying Magnetic Lashes

AD-GIFTED | In all my 30 years on this earth I’ve never ever tried false lashes.
I’m not a massive girly girl or into make up that much but I have wanted long luscious lashes that would make my eyes stand out, especially for parties and events.
The thing that’s put me off in the past from trying them is the glue. I just don’t like the idea of using glue so close to my precious eyes plus I just know if I tried glued lashes I’d mess them up somehow!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from kindly asking if I would like to try any of their lashes. At first I was a bit reluctant as I thought I’d only be offered the ones you have to glue on but after having a look on their website I asked to try a pair of magnetic ones.

From what I have gathered, there are 2 types of magnetic lashes on the market. One type uses magnetic eyeliner to hold the lashes in place and the other type is where you have 2 strips of lashes and they stick together with tiny magnets with your own lashes in-between.
I was kindly gifted the latter version.

Ardell Magnetic Pre-Cut Demi Wispies Lashes

Technically the lashes were easy to apply but my lord, as a complete newbie I found it really tricky.
You get an applicator with the lashes but to be honest I just used my fingers, I found it easier.
After a while of messing round with them I finally got them on and I loved the way they looked!! They stayed in place really well and I was impressed with how real they looked.

Eylure Pre-Glued Fluttery Intense Lashes & Ardell Self Adhesive lashes also kindly sent me 2 brands of pre-glued lashes which again, I hadn’t tried before. I was a bit wary as they still used glue but was really excited to try them after seeing how nice the magnetic ones looked.
I was gifted EyLure’s ‘Fluttery Intense’ in No.141 and Ardell’s Self Adhesive lashes in 110S.
Now I found these a bit easier to apply as I had just the one lash to contend with. Don’t get me wrong I still had to fiddle around for a while to get them right. I also had to cut them to the size of my eyelid before applying.

When I finally got them in place. I fell in LOVE! The pre-glued lashes are definitely my favourite which I didn’t expect and my favourite lashes of the two brand were the Ardell ones. Purely because the lashes themselves were slightly shorter. The longer ones annoyed me at times.

I would definitely buy pre-glued lashes again, I’m so so grateful asked me to try a few of their lashes as I wouldnt have known where to start and I definitely wouldn’t have tried pre-glued ones.

Have you tried Magnetic or Pre-glued lashes before?

*PR Sample. I was kindly gifted these sets of eyelashes to include in a blog post. All words and photos are my own.

2 thoughts on “Trying Magnetic Lashes

  1. Ive never tried lashes either!! For the same reason as you, glue is just scary and the magnetic ones sound scary too, I have visions of being drawn towards metal objects or something. It’s good to know that false lashes are actually ok, maybe I’ll be brave enough one day xx


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