5 Things I Love Sunday – Week 5

To be honest this week has been rubbish for me.
Sadly a friend’s mum passed away early in the week and its proper thrown me. It just reiterated to me the fact that I’m getting old and our parents are getting older still. It’s such a scary thought and one that I try not to think about much…

I’m totally sick of these storms now too, this week was storm Dennis and next week we’re getting another storm apparently. When will it end?!?! I’m longing for mornings walking along the beach with my pup and warm sunshine.

I still haven’t had any contact with the physio abut my knee, I think I’ll have to ring up on Monday and find out whats going on. My knee has been fine for most of the week until yesterday when it decided to hurt when walking about.
I think its a case of runners knee but it doesn’t really seem to be healing much, I’d do some exercises but I’d rather get it seen to first in case I do any more damage.

So now I’m done with moaning, lets get on with the good stuff!

This Week I’m Loving…

1. This leopard print jumpsuit from Sainsburys
I’m trying to cut down on buying new clothes and just any clothes in general as my wardrobe is actually bursting but I came across this lovely jumpsuit on someone’s Instagram (cant remember who it was now sorry!).
Really tempted to buy it for summer…

2. EastEnders
Omg this week’s episodes were SO good!
I’m not the biggest fan of EastEnders, I dip in and out of it as I find it a bit boring at times but I’ve been GLUED to it this week.
This week marks their 35th anniversary and its been explosive. I wont reveal who has died or how just in case you haven seen it but I would definitely say the episodes this week have been the best they’ve done for a long time.

3. The ‘Friends’ reunion
Who else went a little crazy when Jen posted this picture on Instagram?!
I know it’s not a proper reunion, I’d love a new episode to catch up with them all but its better than nothing eh?!

4. The Body Shop’s Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream
Again, I’d seen this on someone’s Instagram I think and I’d seen it had made such a difference to their dark circles.
I’m just getting sick of covering up my dark circles so wanted to give this a try.

5. Barry M’s Base Coat and Top Coat for nail varnish
Okay this is truly life changing!
I just used it as a base coat at first and I didn’t get a chip for 4 DAYS! That’s totally unheard of for me. I bet I could go longer if I put a top coat on.
Such a brilliant product from Barry M!!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and week ahead!

14 thoughts on “5 Things I Love Sunday – Week 5

  1. So sorry to hear that things have been tough for you and for your loss ♥️ I hate to think about my parents getting older too so I block it out or else it will drive me crazy. I can’t wait till all of the storms go away and we get more sun 🌞 Love Barry M nail polishes, they always stay on for much longer without a smudge 💅 great post! 💕


  2. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend’s mum. I can imagine how hard that it must have been.
    I really need that Sainsbury’s jumpsuit in my life, it’s stunning! I’ve been gripped by EastEnders this week also! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk


  3. Sorry to hear about your friend’s mum, that must have been so hard.

    It’s good to see that you still managed to find some positives in the week, though. I’m excited for the Friends reunion too!


  4. Sending you and your friend lots of love, loss is never easy but it’s good you have each other + you can support them through it 💛 I’m super excited about the Friends reunion too, although I wish it was an actual episode but I don’t know if that will ever happen now! Thanks for sharing xx


  5. So sorry to hear you’ve had a rubbish week and sorry to hear about your friend’s Mum. The “getting older” thing is definitely something that crosses my mind loads at the moment, it’s horrible and scary but I try not think about it too much! xxx


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