What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

I’m actually writing this because I have been lying awake for 3 hours unable to sleep.

Now with me, it’s because of a side effect from one of my meds. But I’m going to share with you some ways that have helped me fall back into the land of nod…

1. Listen to a podcast
Podcasts are brilliant, I love them. But choose a podcast that isn’t too lively, one with a lot of talking and no crazy random noises.
I like to listen to true crime story or motivational podcasts.

2. Read
I love to read but I always find that reading in bed makes me feel sleepy and I always seem to drift off with my kindle in hand.

3. Listen to a talk radio station
I like to listen to the local radio’s phone in show they have, either live or on BBC Sounds.
There is also LBC (UK) which is a radio station that is completely just talking and no music.
I also find it better if I listen using earphones rather than if the radio is just on in the room.

4. Watch a few episodes of your favourite show
Watch something on Netflix/Amazon Prime or on a catch up service such as iPlayer. You could use your iPad too rather than a TV but I found that TV works best for me.

5. Relaxing Phone Apps
Sometimes phones can be useful with helping to sleep. I use several apps which have always worked for me.
They are: Andrew Johnson’s Deep Sleep, DeStress and Deep Relax (all separate apps) and Calm.
I do also listen to some ‘help to sleep’ videos on YouTube, my favourite is: Michael Sealey’s Fall Asleep Fast.

I hope that you never need to try these tips as insomnia is awful but if you do I hope they help!

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