Valentines Day Tag!

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon and I’m such an old romantic, so what better way to celebrate one of my favourite days of the year with a little Valentine’s Day tag!
Hope you enjoy reading!

Oh and if you feel like doing this tag yourself please tell me, I would love to read them!

1. What is your favourite Valentine’s Day treat?
Waking up with my man. We don’t live together yet so it’s very special to me

2. Love Hearts or chocolate covered strawberries?
Definitely chocolate covered strawberries. I haven’t had these for years, the last time was on mine and my boyfriend’s first ever cruise in 2013!! Totally overdue.

3. What is your favourite Valentines Day memory?
Has to be the first Valentines Day with my boyfriend in 2013. We went to the Hilton hotel in Liverpool for the night and met some people from Ireland who were on Come Dine With Me!

4. What film would you rather watch on Valentines Day, The Notebook or Titanic?
Oh Titanic all the way!!! Titanic is actually my favourite film of all time.

5. Meal in or Meal out on Valentines Day?
Tricky one this, I don’t mind either! Maybe meal out more as its a special occasion and an excuse to dress up and make an effort.

6. What would you do on your perfect Valentine’s Day date?
Waking up with my bf in a new town we haven’t been to before, going out and sightseeing with lunch at a nice pub.

7. Red or Pink lips on Valentine’s Day?
Got to be red, right?

8. What is your ideal Valentine’s Day outift?
Depends on what we’re doing I suppose… I always try wear something red though

9. Homemade or store bought gifts?
I’ve never really had a homemade Valentine’s gift but it would be lovely to receive something homemade. I’ve made a few things in the past for my boyfriend but I’m sure he prefers store bought gifts haha!

10. Hair up or hair down for Valentines date?
Hair down, think I suit it more

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